AI Chatbot

Leave no customer unattended. Ever.

Power up your business with our Chatbot.

Techosmart brings a leading AI Trained Chatbot to serve multiple sectors.

An advanced and matured conversational AI Chatbot can do wonders for your business. Think of it as a full time agent, multicultural, multilingual, and multi-ethnic assistant who can speak to your customers 24 hours of every day of every year.


Informational Bot

Answers your customer's frequently asked questions, automatically.

Transactional Bot

Perfect to execute transactions such as "Move 50 BHD to my saving account."

Integration with Multiple Platforms

From Facebook and WhatsApp, to Website and Instagram integrations.

Multilingual (Language and accent)

Engage with customers in their language.

Channels supported

WhatsApp Instagram Website Microsoft Teams Twitter

Ready Integrations For

Government Banks Insurance Telecommunication Manufacturing Education Human Resources IT Helpdesk Hospitality Healthcare Retail Automobile
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